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How do I obtain copies of public records?


To obtain a copy of a record, you must make a request to MassDOT’s Records Access Officer (RAO).
Your request can be made;
  1. Through our web portal (recommended) 
  2. By mail– Address you request to: Records Access Officer- MassDOT, Office of the General Counsel, 10 Park Plaza, Suite 3510, Boston, MA 02116
  3. By Fax– (857) 368-0615
  4. By Email
  5. In person, at the address above (see the Note, below)
We do not accept requests via telephone or voicemail message.

NOTE: Although you are not required to make your request in writing, it is highly recommended to ensure your request is responded to accurately. Please be advised that if your request is not in writing, the law does not allow you to appeal our response to the Supervisor of Records.